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Someone once told me that the legacy I leave my daughters not only consists of the situations that might cause them pain, but also in the capacity I build in them to be strong and resilient and that the hardest part of being a parent is seeing the impact of your choices in life; reverberate in the life of your child.

To me there is no greater gift than that of being a woman and there is no greater responsibility than that of raising a one. As mothers we have to be aware that these little sponges are watching us so closely and eventually they will imitate what we do or at least some of what we do. The point being that we need to be conscious of the manner in which we are raising our daughter because it will have a major impact on the type of woman they become.
Besides the list of ingredients it takes to at least to some of it right, the best thing we can do for our daughters are to be moms who PRAY... pray for them in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening! Pray for every area o…


We all have a story to tell and I chose to share my story because I believe that my story is the story of millions of women in one form or another. South Africa has one of the highest levels of sexual violence against women in the world and the perception is that abuse is conducive to environments where there is oppression and poverty but my belief is that abuse of any kind exists WHERE LOVE IS NOT. I believe that the women of South Africa, Africa and all around the world will be empowered when they learn that abuse of any kind is No. 1 not acceptable; No. 2 not part of God’s divine plan for our lives and No. 3 not the end! 

There are different forms of abuse; physical, emotional, economical & sexual; and my message is this: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE IN THE BONDAGE OF ABUSE OF ANY KIND!If we just had the courage to be real about this issue, to talk about it openly and with empthay and compassion - not with the attitude that it is not my problem or maybe if we don't talk about it,…