Someone once told me that the legacy I leave my daughters not only consists of the situations that might cause them pain, but also in the capacity I build in them to be strong and resilient and that the hardest part of being a parent is seeing the impact of your choices in life; reverberate in the life of your child.

To me there is no greater gift than that of being a woman and there is no greater responsibility than that of raising a one. As mothers we have to be aware that these little sponges are watching us so closely and eventually they will imitate what we do or at least some of what we do. The point being that we need to be conscious of the manner in which we are raising our daughter because it will have a major impact on the type of woman they become.

Besides the list of ingredients it takes to at least to some of it right, the best thing we can do for our daughters are to be moms who PRAY... pray for them in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening! Pray for every area of their lives, for every little thing that may seem so menial... PRAY!

The enemy knows the gifts that God gives His Princesses so he seeks to destroy before we even have the chance to access even a fraction of our potential, the gifts that God has placed within each of us.

I want to encourage all moms to stop trying to be the perfect mother. There is no such thing. One of the best things you can do for your daughter is to teach them that it is okay to mess up, the important theing being that we learn from our mistakes and that we are there for each other when we make mistakes. This is the best display of what unconditional love is. 

The second best thing you can do for her is to teach her to see herself through the eyes of God; for her to realise that she is perfectly and wonderfully made. When she has that, she will never allow anyone into her life that sees her or treats her any less than the Princess that she is!

We need to teach our girls to be gracious, not to be judgmental and not to indulge in gossip and slander. Teach them that they do not need to conform to the way the world does things and to do things just to be accepted into the "in cirlce". Teach them to question and to think for themselves and not to be affraid to stand up for their beliefs even if they have to stand alone! Teach your girls to have respect for other people's beliefs and to do all that they do in love <3 <3 <3



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