We all have a story to tell and I chose to share my story because I believe that my story is the story of millions of women in one form or another. South Africa has one of the highest levels of sexual violence against women in the world and the perception is that abuse is conducive to environments where there is oppression and poverty but my belief is that abuse of any kind exists WHERE LOVE IS NOT. I believe that the women of South Africa, Africa and all around the world will be empowered when they learn that abuse of any kind is No. 1 not acceptable; No. 2 not part of God’s divine plan for our lives and No. 3 not the end! 

There are different forms of abuse; physical, emotional, economical & sexual; and my message is this: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE IN THE BONDAGE OF ABUSE OF ANY KIND! If we just had the courage to be real about this issue, to talk about it openly and with empthay and compassion - not with the attitude that it is not my problem or maybe if we don't talk about it, it will just go away.... maybe just maybe we could be that beacon of hope for the multitudes of our sister who are suffering in silence.

IT STARTS WITH ME! "For My Girls" is a tribute to my daughters and all the daughters of the world (regardless of age); my legacy to my own daughters, my footprint in the sand. I want my daughters and all the daughters of the world to know that if I had the courage to go against the grain by lifting my voice in this issue and in so doing breaking free from the torment of living with my secret for so many years, then so can they. 

I have received numerous emails, sms' and phone calls from women who have read "For My Girls", thanking me for sharing my story because they can relate and some women have even confessed that they too have been victims of abuse and reading my story has given them a sense of release, it has given them hope and the courage to overcome. One of the worst things about being abused is the shame that comes with it; you feel like you can't talk to anyone about it. What an amazing thing it is to cross paths with someone who has been there and knows exactly what you are going through.
I chose to share my story with the world in the hope that women who read my book would be inspired and feel empowered in the midst of the thing that may be keeping them in bondage. I believe that if every girl ever born lived her purpose then the world we live in today would be a very different place. I also believe that the reason the world is suffering is because the women of this world are not actively fulfilling the purpose for which they were created. If you are alive, you have a purpose. How great or small the impact that you make is up to you. Open your eyes to the greatness that lies within you. 

Mothers; we need to change our mindsets, our perceptions and the choices that we make. We need to be intentional about the way in which we mold, shape and nurture  people who God has entrusted to us. We need to commit ourselves to TRUTH (taking real understanding to heart), we need to be strong and courageous in facing the mountains, we need to realize that we are more than overcomers and then we must pass that down to our daughters; and that is how we change the world!

My goal for this book is to be in a position where I can freely hand it over to anyone who needs to be encouraged. 

The For My Girls Foundation is a non-profit organisation that was birthed from my vision to see every girl and every woman around me and beyond; fulfill the purpose for which she was created and to do it fearlessly and courageously!  

Order your copy of the book "For My Girls" by sending an email to Natasha directly:  - all proceeds of the books goes directly to the For My Girls Foundations.

The For My Girls Foundation - NPO  

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  1. This is one aspect as a man I have been grappling with! Looking at the mess the globe is currently facing, I came to the conclusion, we as men have failed the 'Women' of the World. Yes, you do have some exceptions, but in reality they are far and between.

    Hearing your heart beat, I know that this will be the start of something the Lord Almighty will move His Powerful hand to bring through to total transformation, His Love for His daughters and us all on the earth.

    I am grateful to have met you and hope that I too, can play my part as a man in the restoration of the tragedy we face daily on the earth!

    Kind regards,

    Keenan Brett Powell

    1. Wow Keenan; thank you for sharing this. The failure began with Adam in the Garden of Eden already and yet God, in His Sovereignty, knowing full well each and every step that would transpire from the time of Adam up until today - loved us so much and made the decision to have this relationship with His sons and daughters despite our imperfections and faults.

      To answer all the why's of this crazy world we live in, I believe there is a method to the madness and it all comes down to love. The world fails to recognize just how powerful His love is for all His children. As women we need to Release The Sons of Adam (a chapter in my new book) and men need to turn their hearts back to the Father - this is my daily prayer.

      Be blessed my brother


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